jabba the hutt baby

okay, so i know my baby is cute.

but…there’s always that nagging feeling that maybe, just maybe, people might be lying to me. because sometimes babies AREN’T cute. in fact, some babies are just ugly.

i know some people would smack me for even thinking it, but it’s true.

today tested my faith in s’s cuteness. passport photos, like license photos, are never attractive. unfortunately, hers weren’t the exception to the rule.

so what if i have a baby passport that says i gave birth to jabba the hutt?!?! i know in my heart she’s still adorable.

poor thing. she will never live this down.

5 thoughts on “jabba the hutt baby

  1. Ha! When we did our daughter’s they looked like mugshots. Suspect Jabba the Hut is a bit worse though.

    • seriously it was horrible. p took a photo on his blackberry; i’ll put one up if i get the chance. but the pic i posted is fairly accurate already. 😉

  2. Haha! With Javier’s I was supposed to hold him up from underneath, but he was only 4 weeks old, so they had to grab the shot before he fell over. It looks like his head is being swallowed by his body, and everything about his expression is “WTF???” Oh well, it only lasts 5 years…

    • i was worried they’d do it that way, but luckily the sketchy man in the shop called me behind the counter and proceeded to instruct me to place my beautiful, clean baby on a nasty pillow, which he photoshopped to a perfect white after the photo shoot finished. after all of that, it damn well better be accepted.

  3. All babies begin their lives looking like Winston Churchill (minus the cigar). They can’t help it and it is only a phase. Photographs lie.

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