smile watch 2012

capturing the elusive smile from s is like hunting bigfoot. for awhile, p and i thought it wasn’t going to happen. sure, she’d smile for us in the morning, after feeds, and when p made ridiculous faces at her. as soon as i stuck the camera in her face, however, i got nothing.

so in the mornings i’ve taken to whipping it out every other second. poor s; the paparazzi has descended. these are the versions of the baby smile most likely to appear:

the half laugh:

the cheeky chops:

the paparazzi pout:

although each of these smiles is more adorable than the last, none of them lives up to its full potential. what we are hunting is THE BIG ONE. a smile so adorable that the heart melts instantly. a truly happy smile. so far, we’ve only caught one of these smiles on film.

good enough for me! ❤

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