how to break my heart…


s had her eight week shots yesterday afternoon. in the morning we met up with friends for the big scream, a baby-friendly movie morning at the local arts picturehouse. i couldn’t enjoy myself for worrying about my poor baby and what was coming. good lord, i will never be able to let her out of the house.

waiting for our appointment at the baby clinic felt like sitting in line at the principal’s office. you know what’s coming, vaguely, but there’s no way to know exactly how terrible it’s going to be.

and boy, was it terrible. for me.

s screamed like a banshee and had a hard evening last night, but other than that she’s absolutely fine, and protected from horrible diseases and infections.

but i am scarred. i had to hold the poor, fragile thing as two nurses stabbed her legs with gigantic needles.

i’m a mess. and here’s s:

where is that xanax, already?!


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