two months

this saturday my baby girl s turned two months old. i can’t believe time has gone by so fast! so, to mark the occasion, here are a few things i have learned about parenthood.

poop isn’t that gross. not after it’s shot out of a baby cannon at your husband at 50mph.

all the crap you think you’re going to need five seconds after the baby is born is either too big, too small, or completely irrelevant. s still hasn’t set foot in her own nursery.

babies sleep. a lot. see the post i wrote here for more on that. and invest in DVR.

it will take at least the first two months to send out your thank you cards. sorry about that!

getting out of the house equals baby sleep and you feeling like a human again, so do it!

when your parents fly halfway across the world to visit, take them up on the offer to watch your baby for three hours so you can go see the hunger games. otherwise you will regret it and have no babysitter three weeks later when you are ready. i’m ready now, guys! :/ (anyone else hear i told you so?)

take all advice with a grain of salt. some people will give you nuggets of wisdom that you will hold onto forever (cabbage leaves in your bra!) and others will tell you rubbish (you’re a hussy for breastfeeding in public!), so tread carefully through the land of advice.

take pictures. every day. like a crazy fool.
and a million other things. happy two months, s.


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