BOOBS part two


i haven’t posted much in the last few days. sometimes life just gets in the way. s and i have been having a hard time with breastfeeding lately…pretty sure i have nipple thrush, which SUCKS and makes feeding really hard. we’re working through it though, and i’ll keep you updated.

for now, here’s a list of things i wish people had told me about breastfeeding:

1. it can hurt. a lot. (see BOOBS part one for more on this!)

2. you do it all the time. in fact, sometimes you feel like all you are is a giant boob.

3. breastfeeding in public is hard. really hard. (after a few public meltdowns, i thought i’d never bf in public again…but i found bebe au lait‘s nursing cover and haven’t looked back!)

4. big boobs make breastfeeding harder. someone should write a book for us well-endowed women, because the rules don’t always apply to us!

5. people are rude. okay, so this one applies to all aspects of life, and yes i am otherwise very naïve and trusting, but it applies to boobs, too. some people will tell you that public breastfeeding has less to do with providing sustenance for your baby and more to do with your own insatiable desire to whip out your boobs and lure men into your web of lust. because i know all of us breastfeeding moms feel oh so sexy when we’re feeding. these people will tell you that you should hide in another room when feeding your baby, and that yes, this applies to your own home. or your mother-in-law’s home. purely hypothetically, of course. sorry, off soapbox now.

that said, i love being able to feed my baby. i almost feel like i’m cheating when i give s a dummy, and haven’t expressed at all yet because i feel bad giving her a bottle. i won’t come down on either side of debates like the one in last week’s issue of TIME, but i will say this: girl’s got my respect. breastfeeding is HARD.

no more boob talk for awhile, i promise. 😉

4 thoughts on “BOOBS part two

  1. True on all counts… I feel ya! Hang in there it gets somewhat easier and then harder in other ways. just wait till she starts really cuddling during feedings!

  2. Happily, not being overly well-endowed, I didn’t have the big-boob problem! But I especially agree with point 2 – just being a milk machine… Since Rachel spent her first month in Buffalo, she was 4 weeks old before I could even start trying to breastfeed her. It was a month of expressing, then freezing the little bottles. When we’d go visit her, we’d pack Jay’s lunch box with the frozen bottles and deliver them to Premieland. They would supplement her formula with my milk until they ran out. Not easy finally getting her to take the breast, but worth it in the end, I think! LOVE it when they’re nursing & smile up at you!!!!!

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