the biggest loser, baby style

i’ve decided it’s time to get off my not-preggo-anymore-but-still-four-months-pregnant booty and lose some baby weight. life as a mom is finally starting to seem normal (well, as normal as stopping to feed s every three hours and taking care of someone who depends 100% on me can feel) and i have somehow seemed to pick up the trademark mommy trait of multitasking. wow, can i multitask.

so it’s time.

i’ve lost weight with weight watchers before, with varying degrees of success. i know that my body will never be exactly the same as when i was 18, but it will feel nice knowing i’m doing something good for myself. plus, lugging the world’s heaviest pushchair around the streets of cambridge on a daily basis is some good exercise. (no, i am not running. sorry. not gonna happen.) but i’m not sure how the plan will work while bfing. does anyone have experience with this?

stay tuned for updates.

in other news: s laughed today!!! ok, so it was kind of a grunt and she was asleep, but we’re counting it. plus p felt so good to be there when it happened. our little girl is growing up so fast!

4 thoughts on “the biggest loser, baby style

  1. Kaitlin it’s so lovely to be able to see what you guys are up to! This blog is a wonderful idea. You bring back so many memories of when my own two were babies. Love to you all x

  2. I’m still lugging arond 10# of baby weight!! The rest came off fairly quickly, but every single time I drop below that plateau, my milk supply bottoms out. I’ve decided to focus on the little guy’s health for now and worry about losing the last little bit after he weans. Good luck!

    • that sounds like a good idea…we get plenty of exercise walking into town, so as long as i eat well i think i may stay away from ww for awhile, just to see if i can do it myself. stupid question: how do you know when your milk supply bottoms out?

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