heat wave

Burning the midnight oil here, but can’t sleep because it is approximately 36896 degrees out. Ok so it’ s 65 (22ish?) but whatever, I grew up in a town where it snows six months out of the year so this is the height of summer.

The epic heat seems to be turning my beautiful baby into the demon version of herself. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose! Today we had a full on screaming fit in john lewis followed by uncontrollable crying up and down the streets of Cambridge. Yes, that was us you heard.

The heat doesn’t do much for me, either. Had a nothing fight with p about, well, nothing. Stomped around a bit, only to get hotter and crankier. Then sat and did absolutely nothing this evening. I even left the dishes in the sink. And ate two chocolate bars. The diet can start next week.

Also, I have no idea how to dress my baby. I have a hard enough time when its’s baltic out (which is 95% of the time) but I feel like s is dying in her black cocoon of a pushchair and in her Moses basket at night. Any suggestions? Poor thing has a stupid mommy.

Proof that even a bad day isn’t all bad:


New talent! Harder habit to break…yes I was a thumb sucker until age 7…but so damn cute!

Bedtime now. S is sucking her thumb VERY loudly (yes gram, you’d be impressed!) and p is fast asleep. Night night!


8 thoughts on “heat wave

  1. So cute! Love the thumb sucking picture, hate that you are so hot though. It is horribly hard to dress an infant! Esp when it changes from 55 in the morning to nearly 80 in the afternoon (its about to hit the 90s here, thank goodness for ac!

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