the return to poop

when s had just been born, p and i were OBSESSED with baby poop. so much so, we read the NCT chart (complete with color pictures of the ideal poop for the first three weeks) religiously. i even blogged about it here.

ok, so we’re still obsessed with poop. i’m pretty sure we will be right up until the day s is completely potty trained. however, our little girl is finally getting the hang of it! now i know it’s not the most exciting of developmental leaps, but when a third of your child’s life consists of bodily functions, regularity is something to celebrate. once or twice a day, s will have a poop (YAY…only a few weeks ago we were counting the days between BMs, not hours). here are some of the telltale signs of an impending blowout:

grunting. this sign is hilarious and embarrassing in public. i remember laughing with the parents of a baby at the next table at a pub a few weeks ago who thought their son was the only one who grunted for england when he was having a poop.

hands on knees. s sure knows how to bear down and get ready for a poop. it’s super cute and grown-up looking.

focus. it’s as if someone is divulging the world’s greatest secrets and she is listening intently to every word.

the noise. when the poop comes, you sure know it. usually it’s accompanied by a blowout that creeps slowly out of the nappy onto perfectly white onesies and adorable pants. this both frustrates and excites my husband, who has an unnatural cleaning product fetish. currently he is soaking several pieces of clothing in stain remover. can anyone say Stay at Home Dad?!?! yes please!

you’d think that, with all these signs, we’d be able to potty train s early. in fact, i have a friend that practices elimination communication, or infant potty training. before you laugh about it, read her blog here. if i had more balls or patience, i would do the same for s! kudos to them! in the meantime, i am thankful for nappies and a husband who enjoys, or at least participates in, the changing process.


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