blw week in review: week one

this week we dove headfirst into the messy, sticky, and gaggy world of baby led weaning. i’m not exactly sure what made me (i mean us…sorry p, you’re so good at just doing what i want that it seems like we decide things together! ;)) want to wean s this way instead of the traditional route. i think what pushed me over the line was seeing a mother feeding her baby girl out of a jar and LICKING THE SPOON afterwards. i almost barfed. who wants to eat cold, insipid sweet potato puree?!?! not me, thank you. i have texture issues.

the first week went really well, considering s had never had anything in her mouth other than my boob and some toys (TMI? sorry). there was a significant amount of gagging on her end and an even greater amount of hand-sitting on ours. it took everything i had a few times not to grab s out of her highchair and slap her back. apparently gagging is good; it shows that her gag reflex is intact and that she knows something is in her mouth. most of the food she stuck in there came out, but there was quite a bit of sucking of mashed(ish) foods and some legit swallows. a momma has never been so proud!

i wasn’t very good with keeping detailed lists of her first foods, but this week we’ve tried the following to varying degrees of success:

cucumber – the first food we tried, and the all around favorite. cut into sticks with the skin on, they were really easy for s to hold, shove in her mouth, and gum (and chew! the girl has two teeth, after all) for a long time.

toast with houmous – a high-gag food, but s LOVES it. she sucks away all the houmous (or hummus for all you americans out there) until it’s soft enough for little bits to go into her mouth. she swallowed a few pieces once or twice…i think. it’s SO hard to tell whether anything that goes in stays in or not. my dining room carpet is evidence of this. on the shopping list for this week is a hardcore splash mat. preferably the size of the room.

rusk – these are twice baked biscuit/cookie things that can be eaten either whole or mushed up with water or milk. we gave them to s whole, but softened with a little bit of filtered water or breastmilk. i read some blog after giving these to s that says to STAY AWAY from rusks because they’re too sweet, not healthy, blah blah blah. sorry but i’m not that hardcore. they’re tasty, s likes them, and i bought the reduced sugar ones so i feel a little bit better about myself.

banana – i have no idea whether s likes this. just tonight she managed to bite off a piece and made the most hilarious face i’ve ever seen. she spat most of it out but didn’t seem disgusted so the jury’s still out on that one. also, it’s really slippery so hard to eat and so messy. how do you get food out of a baby’s nose? seriously, i have no idea.

s has also sampled corn tortilla, pepper, carrot, yogurt, plum, scrambled egg, zucchini, and grape (just sucked on it, they’re too small and apparently perfect choking size) so i’d say the week has been a success! i know she’s not really getting any nutrition from whatever she’s sucking/playing with/eating??? but it keeps her occupied, happy, and involved in family life. so i guess that means we’re loving it!

get back here, you slippery devil!


what is this beautiful biscuit?!

mmm a taste of heaven.


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