r.i.p. frank

today was a difficult day for our little family. we lost a very close, very special friend.

frank the bunny was a gentle soul…a soft, furry friend to baby s, practically a member of the family. he was there for my baby every day for the last six months, offering himself up for cuddles, drool, and sometimes baby vomit. he even traveled halfway across the world with her. we loved frank.

after realizing he was gone this morning, i spent over an hour retracing our steps in the pouring rain and through crowded shops. nothing. i left my phone number with staff members at all the shops and considered making a poster. p told me to let him go.

i cried. seriously, i cried. crazy mom moment 23984612, considering s will never know he was gone (i’m already placing an amazon order for frank #2 as i write this) and has only just got the hang of object permanence. i just wanted frank to be HER TOY…you know, the one that she takes to sleepovers and school parties and college and has forever. ugh. the heart breaks. i guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

although our time together was short, we remember frank fondly.

p even wrote a prayer for the occasion:

dear father God, we thank you for the life and service of frank the bunny rabbit. his ears were floppy and ever ready to be sucked, his nose was soft and gentle, and he was always glad to cuddle, even when he had been thrown around, punched, or thrown up on. wherever he now may be, may he give joy and receive it back in return. amen.

in loving memory:

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9 thoughts on “r.i.p. frank

  1. my son became attached to Ducky at a very early age. Luckily we never lost Ducky. He was left at a restaurant one time but was retrieved. He has a “tail” as my son called the silky ribbon tag and he rubs it/ plays with it when he is stressed.. always has. I was told to take Ducky away from him when he was around 10 -12.. NEVER did.. and my son still has ducky and he will be 20 in a couple weeks. Ducky has had many tails and only has a couple patches of fur left but Ducky was made a jammie like outfit to resemble his missing fur and even has new eyes now. I made a Ducky blanket out of same material with a tag so ducky didnt have to leave home and go places where he may get lost or left. The blanket wouldnt get laughs from other kids either. He has both and both have had many many tags over the years. Ducky is part of the family and my son actually loves a picture I have of Ducky WITH FUR and him at about 6 months old!! If something ever happened to Ducky we would all be devastated. Having a back up is always a good idea.. like Ducky’s blanket. I wish you luck in finding a new one and maybe one that only leaves the house and the other that stays home. I put ribbons on many stuffed animals but Ducky is the only one he has ever loved. Ducky stays under the covers on his bed all day ever since he was a teenager.. but Ducky still is there for him when he has had a stressful day. I have seen him playing with the tag when I walk by his room.. It still makes me smile!!

    • Thanks for the inclusion, Michelle, and great post as always! This has motivated me to cling out of my writing rut and post about the last few weeks, which have been full of transitions for s and me. Thanks again!

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