the return of the mullet.

i’m going to admit to something pretty controversial here…

we trimmed our baby’s hair.

now i know some of you will be thinking, that’s no big deal, i did it with my baby, it’s totally normal. but the reason i say it’s controversial is because about half of the people i told nearly bit my head off. they said, you never ever ever ever touch a baby’s hair! it’s gorgeous and perfect and why should you need to cut it?!

this is why.

exhibit a

this picture doesn’t really do our baby’s mullet justice. let’s just say it was a true and proper throwback, business in the front party in the back kind of hairdo. so we trimmed the back ever so slightly a month or so ago, just to give our poor little baby a less redneck look. and i thought that would be the end of it; that s would grow luscious toddler locks so i could start putting pretty barrettes and braids in her hair.

but no.

the mullet returned. (see the bottom right photo for proof).

exhibit b

and now the question set before us is this: to trim or not to trim?!

i’d be inclined to say no, since a. i don’t want to be attacked for a second time by the baby hairstyle purists (ahem MOM) and b. i really want s’s hair to start growing out. HOWEVER we have a professional photo shoot scheduled for this saturday (with the fabulous francesca of francesca db photography) and i don’t want her to look unkempt.

so it’s time for a vote: yes or no to (another) tiiiiiiiiny haircut?

(and happy halloween from my little kitty to you and yours!)

4 thoughts on “the return of the mullet.

  1. I vote trim. Mullet is never a cute look. And the area on the back of the head is always going to take longer to grow so there will be time for it to catch up. Even with all of A’s curls there is still a thinner area on the back where she lays on it. Good luck making the final call. I’d like to know more about how you are even able to cut it! Scissors near a squirmy baby sounds terrifying!

    • it was really stressful the first time we did it; i had to have p in front making monkey noises. i am no hairdresser! still undecided about this trim…i think we will probably bite the bullet and do it tonight.

  2. Firstly, I just want you to know, if you put that poor baby naked in a crate with flowers on her head, I will absolutely help her get you back when the time comes. Secondly give her a mohawk! She’s a rocker at heart! xxx

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