christmas baby swag

after a week of coughs, stuffy noses, a trip to the doctor for (ugh) an inhaler, and lots of rest, s is feeling pretty good right now. she’s moving all over the shop and leaving me with zero time to do anything other than wince at her less than graceful falls to the floor from her permanent position of standing. so, since the presents are FINALLY wrapped (thank you to amazon for allowing me to send most of my gifts and forego the relative present wrapping fiasco that normally ensues but NOT to my mother who has decided s needs not one but 12 days of presents, all of which i have to wrap myself!!! ;)) and the pepperkaker dough is chilling in the fridge, it’s time to let you know what our spoiled little angel is getting for christmas. and no, it’s not ruining anything because a. she’s too young to read this and b. she’ll probably be more excited by the wrapping paper than anything else.

the best of the best:

usborne touchy feely nativity book

this book was actually a pre-christmas gift (ie. spur of the moment purchase) by us for s, mostly because it was half price and i can’t resist a good deal. but seriously, she is absolutely obsessed with this book. there are tons of different fabrics to feel inside the book and she spends tons of time every night before bed flipping back and forth between the pages and kissing the baby jesus. p is beside himself with pride at his little catholic baby (he wishes!). i love that it’s so interactive and tells the real story of christmas.

elc sensory discovery balls

this is officially a santa gift, and his elves whispered to me that s was getting these awesome discovery balls in her stocking this year. she doesn’t really play with balls yet and i’m all about her having toys that are appropriate to her developmental stage, whatever that is right now.

wheelybug bee

this is the BIG gift from s’s gram and poppa. personally, i want one for myself. i know she’s not really ready to ride on anything yet, but a lot of her christmas wishlist included 1+ toys so that they can grow with her. i can see the dents in the walls already. LOVE it.

hape eco my second book

during one of my many walks around the floors of john lewis i saw this adorable wooden book. s likes a good book and she will be able to happily chew away at this while learning numbers (i know, a little early!) and hopefully turning the pages a little more easily.

run dmc top

this is my favorite personal purchase. i seriously can’t wait for her to wear it. every day. that’s all.

bickiepegs doidy cup

we’ve been working on drinking out of a cup lately, and have just stopped giving a bottle at night, since apparently it’s bad for babies’ teeth to suck on bottles after one year, although i can’t really see much difference between bottles and sippy cups. s loves to ‘drink’ out of my cup but usually spills water all over herself in the process. this cup is designed for tiny hands (seriously, the handles are so small and cute) and is tilted so babies can see exactly what is in the cup without having their heads straight over the top of the cup, which usually leads to spillage. we’ll see how it goes.

little jellycat pet’s tails

this gift is from aunt kelsey (sorry, the amazon package came the other day and i just had to see what it was! don’t worry, it’s all re wrapped now) and is pretty much the cutest thing ever. s can also meow like a cat, so she will love it.

manhattan toy lanky cats: ziggie

continuing the cat theme, this toy is another of gram and poppa’s twelve days of christmas gifts. it looks exactly like our cat jet. the eyes are a little creepy, though!

this is only a very small percentage of s’s gifts for her first christmas. luckily we were very restrained with our purchases this year, since friends and family (and santa) didn’t hold back. we know that this time of year isn’t about the things we have or give to each other and try to spend most of our time celebrating the real holiday and giving to people who don’t have as much as we do, too. but who doesn’t love a bit of swag? šŸ˜‰

if i don’t get the time to post again, merry christmas! holiday pictures and updates to follow soon.

nine months

dear sophia,

today you are nine months old! for some reason, nine months feels so OLD. you’ve officially been in the world as long as you were in my tummy (give or take ten days…i’ve almost forgiven you for making your daddy and me wait so long to meet you). and man, have you made your mark. i feel like the days are flying by lately and that soon you will be a toddler. phew, what a scary word!

this month you’ve been working on honing your party tricks. you still love to clap along to music and wave at yourself and other people. you’ve also learned how to blow kisses (adorable! gram is so proud) and high five. you say ‘dada’ to your daddy, and i think you know what you mean when you say it, even though i’m usually dada too. you’re not only crawling all over the shop, but have also started pulling yourself up to standing and cruising along any surface you can find. your favorites are the dangerous ones: end tables, the TV unit, the bookcase. you fall sometimes but always get yourself back up. you really are such a determined little girl. i’m pretty sure i should invest in a copy of parenting the strong willed childĀ ASAP. your great grandma thinks you’ll be walking in a few weeks, and for our sake, i really really hope she’s wrong. i love watching you develop, but man, i can’t be the parent to a walker just yet!!! give us another month and i’ll give you some cake. šŸ˜‰

this month you took your second trip to the US to be with family after your great grandpa passed away. he was such a wonderful man and was lucky to be able to meet you, sing with you, and share some cuddles this summer. the trip home was pretty rough on all of us (daddy didn’t get to go, but aunt kylie came along for the ride) but it was worth it to see everyone. i think you really helped lighten the mood for a lot of people. you also got to properly celebrate your first thanksgiving at beaner’s house! although we enjoyed the trip, we are not planning on flying again until you can sit in your own seat. it was so hard to keep you still, since all you want to do these days is move move move!

we’re looking forward to celebrating your very first christmas with you in less than two weeks. we know you’ll be more excited about wrapping paper and lights than gifts and traditions, but it means so much for us to be able to spend time together as our little family of three. we hope you enjoy it all more than you enjoyed your first encounter with santa!

so thanks for a lovely nine months. here’s to the next nine, filled with smiles, milestones, and hopefully a little bit more sleep.

i love you!

nine months!

nine months!

how (not) to travel with an eight month old and other musings

hello, old friends! it’s been far too long. i’ve had a million and one things i’ve wanted to write about in the last few weeks, and approximately zero time to write about them. okay, that’s a lie. i’ve spent my fair share of time vegging on the sofa, but i decided i deserved it. it’s been a long month.

my grandfather passed away last month. he was pretty much the coolest man ever. it was so sad to say goodbye to him but so wonderful to celebrate his life. i was lucky enough to be his first (and possibly most spoiled) grandchild and to have countless memories with him over the past 27 years. in the end he was in pain so his death was a blessing for him. i know he’s looking down now and smiling, telling all his friends that he’s better than the weather.

ok, enough of that. my grandpa wouldn’t want any of us to mope around. so instead i’m going to whine. a lot.

if you get nothing else from this post, please remember the following:


seriously. the four (yes, all four) flights we took on the way to and from the states last month were probably the worst combined experiences of my life. p couldn’t travel with us, so it was just me, s, and my poor,Ā defenselessĀ little sister (who has since vowed never to have children). why was it so horrible, do you ask? well, i’ll tell you.Ā that baby screamed for a total of EIGHT(hundred?) hours while i held her against her will in my lap. virtually every passenger on all four airplanes gave me the stinkeye. a very well intentioned and well endowed flight attendant nearly smothered my baby while attempting to stifle her cries. half a dozen other flight attendants and random staffers stole her out of my arms to cuddle/play with/comfort/annoy the shit out of her. how i managed to get home without leaving my poor darling baby in a bathroom somewhere and/or punching someone and being arrested by air marshalls is beyond me.

therefore i solemnly swear not to fly with my lovely and slightly demonic little girl until she is old enough to sit in her own seat and to be spoonfed benadryl. seriously. i can’t handle it. also, p is on night duty for theĀ foreseeableĀ future. which is forever.

enough of the whining. for now. to lift the mood and make everyone feel better, here are the photos we ordered from the fantastic francesca db photography. merry, merry christmas to you.

next time: s’s christmas list! because i know you all love a little bit of baby tat.