when life gets in the way

i don’t even know if i remember how to do this anymore.

it’s been one of those years that creeps up on you and then steals you away and before you know it, it’s christmastime again. so much has happened but i can’t remember a thing as i sit here to write to you all.

well, i do remember one thing. we had another baby!


almost one year ago (she’ll be one on the 11th) our lovely e was born. i was so worried about how life would change for us, and especially for s. i didn’t think i could love another baby the same way that i love s and i was terrified that she would hate me for having another baby and having to share her entire world. after e was born, though, those fears were very quickly forgotten. except for the times when s tries to kill her baby sister, but i guess that’s to be expected (and apparently what i did when my little sister was born. sorry for that).

that’s not to say that it hasn’t been hard (it is SO HARD with two), but i can’t see life any other way now.

so, that’s been me this year. oh, and we moved house (a mile down the road, but boy does it count with two kids in tow), p started a new job, s started preschool, and i quit my job at starbucks after eight years to become a full time stay at home mom and started freelance writing. i guess you can say we’ve been kind of busy.

i’m not sure where things will go from here, blogging-wise or life-wise, but i felt the need to get this written down. i am doing things so much differently this time around (better? worse? who knows) and the days go by so quickly that i hardly have time to breathe. and my house is a tip. ugh. i should probably go do some laundry or something. or catch up on the kardashians?

tough choice.