about me

welcome to my blog! my name is kaitlin. i’m a 26 year old american, vicar’s wife, and mother of one beautiful baby girl living in cambridge, england.

yes, i said it. i’m married to a priest. yes, priests can get married.

and no, i am NOT a typical vicar’s wife.

i DON’T have afternoon tea with the ladies or bake scones to distribute at church fairs. however, i DO know how to bake scones, and ironically i DO work at starbucks. but that’s where the similarities end.

i also enjoy listening to radiohead, drinking tequila, and speaking spanish. all at the same time. 😉

this blog will highlight, among other things, my obsession with pinterest, life as a new mom, and some of the crazy that is cambridge. we’ll see how it goes!


3 thoughts on “about me

  1. I’m so glad I got introduced to your blog, Caitlin! This is brilliant, and I Iook forward to showcasing your stuff every so often.

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