the return of the mullet.

i’m going to admit to something pretty controversial here…

we trimmed our baby’s hair.

now i know some of you will be thinking, that’s no big deal, i did it with my baby, it’s totally normal. but the reason i say it’s controversial is because about half of the people i told nearly bit my head off. they said, you never ever ever ever touch a baby’s hair! it’s gorgeous and perfect and why should you need to cut it?!

this is why.

exhibit a

this picture doesn’t really do our baby’s mullet justice. let’s just say it was a true and proper throwback, business in the front party in the back kind of hairdo. so we trimmed the back ever so slightly a month or so ago, just to give our poor little baby a less redneck look. and i thought that would be the end of it; that s would grow luscious toddler locks so i could start putting pretty¬†barrettes¬†and braids in her hair.

but no.

the mullet returned. (see the bottom right photo for proof).

exhibit b

and now the question set before us is this: to trim or not to trim?!

i’d be inclined to say no, since a. i don’t want to be attacked for a second time by the baby hairstyle purists (ahem MOM) and b. i really want s’s hair to start growing out. HOWEVER we have a professional photo shoot scheduled for this saturday (with the fabulous francesca of francesca db photography) and i don’t want her to look unkempt.

so it’s time for a vote: yes or no to (another) tiiiiiiiiny haircut?

(and happy halloween from my little kitty to you and yours!)