baby led weaning…or, how everything in my house became sticky.

so tonight we officially started on our baby led weaning journey. we bought an AMAZING ex display stokke high chair from uk kid’s supplier kiddicare for £100 (normally £150ish for the chair alone)…it’s pretty badly scratched on the legs but came with a baby set and cushions in the price (which are normally £47 and £33 respectively!!!) so we couldn’t argue! we were anxious to let s have a go, since she’s been grabbing food off our plates and out of our hands for weeks now.

s’s first meal consisted of cucumber and cantaloupe, and looked a little bit like this:

enough with the photo shoot…give me the FOOD already!

dad, you’re funny. looking.

melon…not sure if i’m down with this flavor.

s LOVED the cucumber…chonked down on it for a good ten minutes happily, until she’d dropped it all on the floor and i wasn’t comfortable giving it back to her covered in cat hair. yuck. the melon was another story. i wish i’d captured it on tape: her reaction was hilarious! she sucked on it for awhile, but was less interested, and spat up a little afterwards. no gags tonight, thank you to the BLW gods (p would have had a heart attack…he’s not ready for chokey baby yet). tomorrow morning: toast!

i never ever thought i’d be this excited about food. ok, yes i did. but not in this way. i’m already planning her first birthday smash cake. gotta love the mess!!!