eleven months

dear s,

holy cow! you’re almost a year old! this time next month we’ll be celebrating your first birthday, and your official graduation from baby to toddler. well, really, you’re a toddler already. you’re my little walker now! you get better and better every day, and now you can stand up from a sitting position, cruise/run around the room while holding onto your wheelybug or the sofa, and walk half a dozen to a dozen steps confidently before falling down on your adorable little bottom. you’re a handful now, but we love (almost) every minute of it.

although you spend most of your energy on moving (and moving and moving!), you’re starting to talk a lot more, too. somehow in the last month you lost the ability to say mama, but call both of us dada instead. you still love to make animal noises, your favorite being meowing like a cat. you can also parrot our own speech, and repeat gone, bye, and yeah most of the time. you call gram gaga and like to chat to your kitty when you’re falling asleep. i can’t wait for you to start talking even more!

your social skills are developing quickly and you love to play with (read: climb on) other babies and older kids. every week we go to kindermusik class with a mixed age range of kids. we also meet up with some friends who have babies at restaurants, the library, and cafes. this weekend you went to your first birthday party! i can’t believe the other babies in our nct class are starting to turn one. it’s your turn soon!!!

we’re starting the process of moving you to your own room by napping you in your nursery, and so far you’re doing remarkably well. you generally sleep from 7pm to 5 or 6am, but lately you’ve been getting up at 4 thinking it’s playtime. please, s, give us a little more sleep! you still take two naps most days, but i think before too long you’ll drop one or the other. take your time! really, it’s ok to sleep lots!

you’re a champion eater, having three full meals and one or two snacks a day. you’re almost competent with your sippy cup, but don’t really understand that a cup without a lid will spill if you bash it and throw it around. you’ve decided you don’t like cucumber very much any more, but love cheese, bread, hummus (the piri piri kind!), and anything starchy. you also like peas, blueberries, fromage frais, and weetabix. you’re happy to explore new flavors but let us know when you don’t like something, either by making a face and spitting it out or sweeping everything off the table and flipping over your plate and mat.

you only take milk from me in the morning and at night time, and sometimes once during the day, but you’re more interested in grown up food and need me less and less. but that’s a good thing, because instead you’re becoming a cuddly bunny who likes to lie on top of us while we scratch or rub your back. like father, like daughter! you also love to give and blow kisses and laugh all the time.

thankfully you still love to read. you sit so nicely with daddy while he reads to you and even read yourself stories in your crib while we get ready in the morning. your favorite books are the touchy feely ones because you really like to be involved in the reading.

thanks for being such a fabulous baby for the last eleven months. and happy almost birthday!!!

love you! ❤

happy eleven months!

happy eleven months!

to poo or not to poo

before having our own child, p and i, quite rightly, assumed that babies pooed. a lot. like most other sane people, we assumed this happened on a regular basis, and had heard countless horror stories of hundreds of nappies filled every day and thousands of pounds spent on replenishing the neverending supply of reinforcements.

having s screwed all that up for us.

for the first few weeks, s followed a regimented schedule of poos, as described in the clever and disgusting photo spreadsheet given by the nct. p and i filled hours chatting about meconium, mustard seeds, and increasingly smelly nappies.

tmi? sorry, too bad. poo is my life now, so it is my gift to you.

however, our beautiful and timely baby has since decided to pull the plug on our schedule. these days, she often goes days without pooing at all, instead pumping (or farting, for my american friends out there) more than all the men and labrador retrievers in my life combined.

when it does come, boy does it come. girl can poop.

this turn of events is reason 72652953 i need a prescription for xanax. what kind of crazy baby flouts tradition and withholds poop?!

lots of normal breastfed babies, apparently. midwives tell us not to worry unless she’s going longer than a week without a poo.

better for the bank account, says p. ah, my frugal man. always look on the cheap, i mean bright, side of life.

i’ll take that xanax now, please.